HDOA’s Incentive and Service Awards Program

Posted on Nov 10, 2016 in Main

HDOA held its annual Incentive and Service Awards Program, which recognizes years of service and superior performance by HDOA employees.

Here are HDOA’s awardees for 2016 and congratulations to all!



Christina Zimmerman
Pesticides Branch

Pictured w/ Chair Scott Enright (left) &
Deputy Phyllis Shimabukuro-Geiser (right)

Christina is an Environmental Specialist VI and Pesticides Registration Supervisor with the Pesticides Branch. Recently, she has taken on additional supervisory responsibilities in the branch and is noted for her willingness to assist staff in resolving any issues or problems, as well as assisting the general public.

She is largely responsible for the development and operation of a new pesticides data base, which not only assists branch personnel, but also provides access to pesticide information to the general public.

Christina is also responsible for the branch’s grant requests, working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fund a position to assist with expediting the management of current pesticides cases.

In addition to working above and beyond the call of duty, Christina was cited for her strong moral compass, patience, kindness, generosity and cool composure under pressure. Congratulations, Christina!

Personnel Office

Marian Nakamura & Angie Estrella
The team also includes Jensen Naito

The current personnel team was assembled in late 2014 and 2016.  The team members had no experience or knowledge in the technical and scientific job classes within the HDOA. Upon joining the department they immediately devoted their efforts to learning about the Department, its various position classes, and its culture so they could effectively support the programs.Their combined recruitment efforts has resulted in new all-time highs in hires. The number of hires averaged 30 per year for at least three years prior to 2014. Their teamwork and perseverance has resulted in 37 hires in 2014 and 35 in 2015, and they are on track to hire at least 45 in 2016.

The department has made enormous strides in all personnel-related areas. These achievements are directly related to each team member’s commitment, passion to exceed expectations, high level of professionalism and work ethic and their firm belief that together their combined efforts and collaboration become a driving and critical team force to successfully meet the department’s staffing and HR goals and directives. 


isap2016-hurd2Sharon Hurd
Acting Administrator
Agricultural Development Division

Acting Administrator of the Agricultural Development Division is one of Sharon’s many roles. She is also the Market Development Branch Manager and an Economic Development Specialist for the Department. She often tells her team, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Not only does she “show up” for work every day, she still finds time to serve on several executive boards and represent the Department at local, national, and international events, seminars, conferences, and meetings.

Sharon keeps her team motivated and engaged in numerous projects. With her happy and enthusiastic demeanor, she always includes other divisions on Oahu and outer-island staff to participate in ag-related events and projects.

Under Sharon’s tutelage, her division not only works collaboratively with staff from HDOA. Her teamwork extends to outside companies to raise agricultural awareness locally and abroad at events such as the Made in Hawaii Festival and the Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality, and Foodservice Expo.

Congratulations, Sharon!




Jamie Ares
Property Manager
Administrative Services Office

Jamie has gone above and beyond in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities as the property manager for the department. She has established great working relationships with staff and management; always displaying her professional, pleasant, positive, patient and upbeat demeanor.  Jamie has completed the department’s first ever complete physical inventory audit, an enormous task due to the fact the department never audited inventories in the past.

Jamie has volunteered for numerous employee benefit and morale boosting activities and is known for her great initiative and commitment. She is very punctual, extremely organized and analytical, a great problem solver and thorough in everything she does which has contributed to her ability to exceed all expectations when assigned a project. She also is undeterred by any obstacles, initiates contact with various agencies and higher level managers without hesitation to gather information and achieve her objectives.

Jamie is a truly committed, passionate and professional civil servant.



Stacey Chun
Plant Industry Division

Stacey works with the Plant Pest Control Branch in Hilo. He is a dedicated team player and will assist where help is needed.  He has established very close ties with the community, industry, and other government agencies.

Stacey has worked with industry and other agencies successfully on several biocontrol projects including the release and monitoring of biocontrol agents to combat fireweed, strawberry guava and field evaluations for the Macadamia Felted Coccid.

He is also commonly found helping other employees from the apiary program, Chemical/Mechanical control branch, and the Hawaii Ant Lab. In addition, he has continued to hone his skills at insect identification and often helps members of the public in the identification of pests. Stacey’s contributions are of great value to the department and he is deserving of recognition for his performance and dedication to his job.

Congratulations, Stacey!



Glenn Okamoto
Agricultural Resource Management Division

Glenn is an engineer and Agricultural Infrastructure Manager in the Agricultural Resource Management Division. For eleven years, Glenn has time and again proven his dedication to the department by going above and beyond every expectation.

As an engineer, Glenn is called to manage any and all emergencies regarding the state’s irrigation systems and other agricultural infrastructures. From biblical rains in 2006 causing massive flooding and a reservoir breach to 6.7 magnitude earthquakes causing a total shutdown of the irrigation system on Hawaii Island, Glenn has been the one everyone turns to.

Glenn also supervises all the division’s infrastructure contracts and manages the department’s capital improvement program. He leads by example and has fostered good relationships with staff, consultants and contractors. He isn’t afraid to get into the trenches and is always there to help with physical labor such as shoveling mud and hacking access trails. He knows this provides him with the knowledge necessary to critically analyze the infrastructure to improve worker safety and operational efficiency.  

On top of all of his hard work, he even bakes goodies for the staff.




Yukashi Smith
Agricultural Development Division

Yukashi is an Economic Development Specialist with the Market Development Branch of the Agricultural Development Division. She manages the Hawaii Seals of Quality Program, administers the State Trade and Export Promotion grant, manages Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) activities for Korea and Japan and serves as Market Development Branch’s representative to the agritourism, food manufacturers, macadamia nut, papaya, taro and tea commodity groups.

Yukashi has made exceptional contributions to the attainment of program objectives and has served as project manager for six trade shows and two trade missions.  Among these include The World Food and Beverage Great Expo in which 13 Hawaii companies were represented and included actual sales of $14,900 during the show, over $167,000 in sales after the show and 12-month projected sales of more than $336,000 for Hawaii companies. Yukashi has exceptional focus on realizing actual sales from the activities she manages.

Congratulations, Yukashi!



Hideki Yamane
Agricultural Development Division

Hideki is an Economic Development Specialist in the Market Development Branch, Agricultural Development Division and manages the Made in Hawaii with Aloha program and the National Organic Certification Cost-Sharing Program.

He also coordinates WUSATA activities for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Australia, China and Japan, and serves as Market Development Branch representative to the beef, apiary, coffee, and livestock industries. 

Hideki has served as project manager for six trade shows and two trade missions.  Among these includes the Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality and Food Service Expo. Every Hawaii company that participates in this show has realized sales or is in the process of closing a sale from their participation.

Hideki has connected private sector industries with farmer/producer partners in developing new products and technologies for livestock, hydroponic food crops, tropical fruits and the pet industry.

Congratulations Hideki!



30 Years of Service


Oscar Ingacio, Jr.
Agricultural Resource Management Division

Bert Fujioka
Plant Quarantine Branch


Jan Ferrer – Agricultural Loan Division
Gayle Nakamura – Chairperson’s Office
Bob Yonahara – Plant Quarantine Branch 

20 Years of Service


Juliana Yalemar
Plant Industry Division


Randy Teruya – Agricultural Resources Management Division

10 Years of Service


Jingyu Chen
Pesticides Branch

Kolakiaokalani Kamaka
Animal Quarantine Branch


Marshall Loope
Plant Quarantine Branch – Maui


Todd Low
Aquaculture and Livestock Support Services Branch


Matthew Olbert
Plant Quarantine Branch – Maui


Dexter Cho – Plant Pest Control Branch

Heidy Tuliao – Measurement Standards Branch