Aerial Application Permit Approved for Lehua Island Project

Posted on Aug 22, 2017 in Main

August 22, 2017

 HONOLULU – Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) today approved an aerial application permit allowing the Department of Land and Natural Resources to begin work on the Lehua Island Restoration Project Partnership. The HDOA has worked closely with State Senator Ron Kouchi and State Representative Dee Morikawa in addressing the Kauai community’s concerns to ensure that appropriate safety measures and procedures were developed to minimize any adverse effects to marine mammals, fish and wildlife.

HDOA Chairperson Scott Enright believes that the Lehua Island Restoration Project Partnership has successfully addressed these concerns and has acquired all the needed permits to allow them to move forward in the effort to preserve the island’s native plants and natural ecosystem that supports one of the largest and most diverse seabird colonies in the main Hawaiian Islands.

The HDOA will have pesticide enforcement staff on Lehua Island monitoring the aerial application and any potential for overspray. Additionally, Enright will be present on the Island of Niihau as an observer monitoring the successful completion of this project. There will be an active monitoring program post-aerial application to address any potential environmental concerns.

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To view permit, click here.