Maui HDOA Offices Temporarily Closed for Building Maintenance

Posted on Jan 9, 2024 in Main

Jan. 9, 2024

HONOLULU – Some Maui offices of the Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture (HDOA) will be temporarily closed for building maintenance from Jan. 12 to approximately early summer 2024. Offices located at 635 Mua St. will be closed during construction, including the Plant Quarantine Branch (PQB), Plant Pest Control Branch, Pesticides Branch, Animal Disease Control Branch and the Quality Assurance Division. Staff will be working remotely. A drop box will be located in a trailer in the parking lot fronting the building for envelopes or other small items. HDOA apologizes for any inconvenience during the building closure and has made accommodations to provide services without disruption.

For inquiries for the Mua St. offices, contact:

Plant Quarantine Branch (plant inspections and import questions) 808-872-3848 (PQB offices at Kahului Airport)
Transporting plant material from Hawai‘i to the U.S. Mainland or foreign countries, contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture (federal) 808-877-5261
Transporting dogs and cats to Hawai‘i 808-483-7151
or email: [email protected]
HDOA Maui veterinarian – Animal Disease Control 808-344-2639
Pesticides Branch – Education 808-873-3078 or 808-793-7035
Pesticides Branch – Enforcement 808-283-9122
Plant Pest Control Branch 808-873-3949
Plant Pest Control – Noxious Weed Specialist 808-873-3080
Commodities Branch 808-873-3554
Other inquiries 808-873-3555
HDOA Main Office – Honolulu 808-973-9560 or email: [email protected]

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