Plant Quarantine Inspectors Featured on Hawaii News Now!

Posted on May 2, 2013 in Main

Hawaii News Now reporter Keoki Kerr asked to see how cargo inspections are conducted with the a crew of HDOA Plant Quarantine inspectors at Honolulu International Airport.

Mahalo to inspectors Rex Haraguchi, Carrie Itoman, Nathan Paracuelles and Glenn Sakamoto for helping to inform the public about the important work HDOA does.

Here is a link to the HNN story:

Also, here are some photos:

CAP-Nathanstrawberries CAP-RexKKmanifest PAC-Aircan1 CAP-Erin2 CAP-bokbox CAP-NathanMango CAP-RexIV PAC-NathanIV PAC-Erinflowers PAC-Erin1 CAP-RexKKAircan PAC-Mangosort PAC-GlennIV