HDOA Aggies Help School Gardens!

Posted on Nov 3, 2014 in Main
group pic2a
HDOA volunteers from left to right: Becky Azama, Laura Hew,  Michael Opgenorth, Keoni Akau,  Abel Konan, Ken Kajihara, Denna Macanas, Regina Hidano, Noa Ching, Earl Yamamoto, Linda Murai and Ken Kakesako.

HDOA staff put in some backbreaking work this past Saturday, Nov. 1, volunteering their muscle to help the school garden projects at Wilson Elementary School and Kaimuki Middle School.

The crew started at Wilson Elementary and created a beautiful gravel pathway.

The project at Kaimuki Middle School involved tilling and incorporating mulch into the school garden.

Last year, Aggies helped Alvah Scott Elementary School with their garden.

Mahalo to the Aggie volunteers!  They worked so hard in the heat and humidity and some are still feeling the pain at work this Monday!

Here are some images from their good work….

Wilson before1r Wilson before3r
Wilson Elementary – Before Wilson Elementary – Before
Wilson after2r Wilson after1r
After After
Wilson panoramic
Panoramic view
Abel and Jay Nakasone-r Earl Abel Ken in back-r
Abel Konan and Jay Nakasone Earl Yamamoto, Abel Konan and Ken Kakesako (in background)
ulu plantingr group pic2-wr
Ulu tree planted at Wilson Elementary Good job!
Earl-kaimuki2 Mike and Earl Amending Raised Beds at Kaimuki MSr
Earl Yamamoto mulching at Kaimuki Intermediate School Michael Opgenorth and Earl Yamamoto
Earl & plantsKaimuki
Corn that were planted earlier.