Wind Advisory for Farmers and Ranchers in Hawaii

Posted on Aug 8, 2023 in Main

Aug. 8, 2023

The National WeatheImager Service reports that strong and potentially damaging easterly winds, along with very dry conditions will persist into Wednesday as Hurricane Dora passes far to the south of the Hawaiian Islands. Red Flag Warnings, also known as fire weather watches, have been posted for the leeward portions of all Hawaiian Islands .

Red Flag Warnings indicate the potential for extreme fire weather condition (dry fuels, low humidity, and strong winds). During the High Wind Warning period, sustained winds of 30 to 39 mph are anticipated, with gusts possibly reaching higher speeds of 50 to 57 mph. Such high winds can lead to challenging conditions for agricultural activities and may cause potential damage to crops, structures, and livestock.

On Tuesday morning, Hawai‘i Island Civil Defense have reported brush fires in North and South Kohala. Some roads have been closed due to the brushfires and fallen trees. Brush fires have also been reported in Kula and Lahaina on Maui.

To minimize potential risk and ensure your safety during the High Wind Warning period, please consider the following precautions:

  1. Stay updated: Monitor weather reports and official communications regularly to stay informed about any changes in the weather conditions.
  2. Secure outdoor items: Fasten loose objects, such as tarps, tools, and equipment, to prevent them from being blown away or causing damage.
  3. Limit outdoor activities: Avoid unnecessary outdoor work during the peak of the high winds, if possible.
  4. Shelter for livestock: Ensure your animals have access to sturdy shelter during the warning period.
  5. Use tools and equipment with caution: A stray spark could ignite dry brush while working with power tools and lawn/farm equipment.
  6. Emergency preparedness: Have an emergency plan in place, including evacuation procedures for livestock if necessary.

If you encounter any damages or require assistance during the High Wind Warning period, do not hesitate to contact your respective County Emergency Management Agency or Civil Defense Agency.

We urge all farmers and ranchers to take this High Wind Warning seriously and take necessary precautions to safeguard your property, crops, and livestock. Your safety is of utmost importance, and we hope that with adequate preparations, any potential impact can be minimized.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and please stay safe.