News Release: February 25, 2006 NR06-02

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For Immediate Release to Maui Media:  February 25, 2006 NR06-02


HONOLULU – A snake sighting in a residential area in Lahaina, Maui, earlier this week has prompted the Hawaii Department’s of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) and the Department of Agriculture (HDOA) to set traps in the area and alert surrounding neighbors.

A person doing yardwork at a home in Wahikuli Village on Monday, Feb. 20, said he saw what looked like a foot-long, gray-colored snake.  The person said he saw the snake for about five seconds before it slithered into a rock wall.  The incident was reported to HDOA on Tuesday and the witness was interviewed on Wednesday, because a language translator was required.  On Friday, personnel from DLNR and HDOA set out 25 snake traps in the area and informed surrounding neighbors about the reported incident. 

It is not known exactly what type of snake was sighted; however, there is a possibility that it may be venomous.  Therefore, residents who may spot any snake should be careful in approaching it and should report it immediately to the state’s toll-free hotline, 643-PEST (7378). The number should be dialed as a local number and will be answered by HDOA inspectors.

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