News Release – NR09-03 – February 5, 2009

Posted on Feb 6, 2009 in 2009 News Releases, News-Releases

HONOLULU – Staff at the Maui Humane Society office captured an iguana this afternoon as it was climbing a chain-link fence adjacent to the Humane Society property.

The iguana had been spotted several times earlier, but had eluded capture.  Maui Humane Society personnel used nets from both sides of the fence to capture the juvenile iguana at about 2:00 this afternoon.  The two-foot-long iguana is being held at the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Plant Quarantine Office on Maui.

When fully grown, iguanas may reach up to six feet in length from head to tip of tail.  When cornered, iguanas may use their powerful tail as a weapon to fend of enemies.  Iguanas are native to central Mexico through South America and are typically vegetarians, but are known to disturb bird nestlings and feed on bird eggs.

Iguanas are established in some areas on Oahu, and are occasionally sighted on Maui.  Iguanas are illegal to possess or transport in Hawaii.  Anyone spotting an iguana or other illegal animals should immediately call the state’s toll-free hotline at 643-PEST (7378).