Chemical/Mechanical Control Section

The Chemical/Mechanical Control Section (C/M) is engaged in controlling or containing various plant pests that affect crops, agricultural lands, and natural areas of Hawaii.  The C/M Section uses chemical (pesticides) and/or mechanical (rouging, trapping, modifying habitats) approaches to eliminate or mitigate pest problems.  C/M Section staff also provides technical advice to land owners or managers to lessen the impact of noxious weeds, insects, and plant diseases on agricultural property, forest and recreational areas, and conservation districts.

Current projects of the C/M Section include monitoring sites for the presence of noxious weeds, little fire ants, nettle caterpillars, and coqui frogs.  C/M Section staff are involved with trials to develop tools to combat the various pests using chemical and mechanical methods.

There are more than 79 plant species designated as noxious under the HDOA Noxious Weed Rules under Chapter 68 (click here to link to Chapter 68).  The C/M Section personnel on each island divides time spent on noxious weeds and other department priorities.

The C/M Section is charged with overseeing seed inspection and seed package labeling for the HDOA.  Chapter 67, the Hawaii Seed Rules, contains the list of more than 110 regulated species whose seeds are prohibited or restricted from sale within the State ( click here to link to Chapter 67).  A Seed Importer’s License from the HDOA is required of every person or entity that packages and/or offers agricultural or vegetable seeds for sale within Hawaii (click here for Seed License application form).  Agricultural and vegetable seeds sold in Hawaii must be labeled properly and meet germination standards under the Hawaii Seed Law and Seed Rules. Seed tests for germination and purity rates are conducted in the HDOA’s seed laboratory for a fee. Viability testing using tetrazolium is also conducted on a limited number of species.

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Hala Scale – published April 2015, Updated December 2023


West Indian Woodnettle


Ivy Gourd


Maile Pilau 

Banana Poka 

Long Thorn Kiawe


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