2000 News Releases

Low Interest Agricultural Loans Now Available for Part-Time Farmers and For Processing and Manufacturing of Ag Products

Conference on Asian-Pacific Agricultural Issues and Technical Cooperation to be Held in Kona Next Week

Lab Tests Indicate Banana Virus May Be More Widespread on Kauai

Quarantine on Banana Plants Necessary To Fight Banana Bunchy Top on Kauai

New Outbreak of Banana Bunchy Top Virus On Kauai

Public Hearings Scheduled on Proposed Amendments to Animal Quarantine Rules

Kailua Reservoir Project Deferred

Six-Foot Boa Constrictor Found in Palolo Neighborhood

Facts About the Department of Agriculture's Plans at the Kailua Reservoir

Some Kona Residents Resisting State Efforts to Eradicate the Banana Bunchy Top Virus on the Big Island