2000 News Releases

State Board of Agriculture to Review Request to Amend Import Rules Lists to Allow Importation of Certain Insects for Biological Control

Illegal Ferret Found in Kailua

First Phase of Banana Bunchy Top Eradication Completed in Kona…Three-Month Waiting Period Begins

Reverse Trade Mission for Coffee Proves Enlightening and Productive for Japan Coffee Companies and Hawaii Growers

Highway Signs Installed to Remind Public Not to Transport Banana Plants Around Kauai

Eradication of Banana Bunchy Top Virus in Kona Nears Completion

Biological Control Working Against Destructive Citrus Blackfly

Governor Approves New Quarantine Rules Allowing Service Dogs to Enter Hawaii without Quarantine

State Board of Agriculture Approves Quarantine for Banana Plants on Kauai

Hawaii Mangos Cleared for Export to Japan