Hawai`i Board of Agriculture Executive Board

The 10-member Hawai`i Board of Agriculture consists of one representative from each of the counties of Hawai`i, Kaua`i and Maui; three at-large members; the Chairperson of the Department of Agriculture; Chairperson of the Department of Land and Natural Resources; Director of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT); and the Dean of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) – University of Hawai`i.

The Board meets approximately once a month, usually on the fourth Tuesday; however, the date is subject to change depending on quorum.

Hawai`i Board of Agriculture


Sharon Hurd
Diane Ley Hawaii Island Member Vincent Mina Maui Member
Diane Ley
Hawai`i Island Member
Fred Cowell
Kaua`i Member
Vincent Mina
Maui Member
Randy Cabral Member-at-Large
En Young
Randy Cabral
James Gomes
Dawn Chang
Ex Officio Voting Member

Board of Land &
Natural Resources
James Tokioka
Ex Officio Voting Member
Director, DBEDT
Dr. Parwinder Grewal
Ex Officio Voting Member