Market Analysis and News Branch

Market Analysis and News Branch (MANB) collects, analyses, and publishes Hawaii’s agricultural statistics in cooperation with the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Statistics at a Glance


Fruits and Nuts
Banana Statistics 2022

Avocado Statistics 2022

Papaya Statistics 2021

Coffee Statistics 2021 – 2022

Avocado Statistics 2021

Banana Statistics 2020

Statistics on Papayas 2016-2020

Papaya Production in Hawaii 2015-2019

Banana Statistics 2019

Coffee Statistics 2020

Avocado Statistics 2019

Vegetables and Herbs

Fresh Basil Statistics, State of Hawaii, 2022

Radish Import Statistics 2020

Lettuce Import Statistics 2020

Vegetable Crop Value 2022

Kale Import Statistics 2020

Eggplant Import Statistics 2020

Taro Statistics 2021

Basil Statistics 2021

Mushroom Statistics 2019-2021

Basil Statistics 2020

Select Vegetable Import Statistics 2019

Kale Import Statistics 2019

Oriental Squash Import Statistics 2019

Eggplant Import Statistics 2019

Head Cabbage Import Statistics 2008-2018

Lettuce Import Statistics 2019

Basil Statistics 2019

Top 20 Commodities
Top 20 Agricultural Commodities 2022

Top 20 Agricultural Commodities 2021

Top 20 Agricultural Commodities 2020

Top 20 Agricultural Commodities 2019

Top 20 Agricultural Commodities 2018

Hawaii Cattle Report 2024

Statistics on Floriculture, State of Hawaii, 2022

Hawaii Honey Report 2022

Hawaii Cattle Report 2022

Hawaii Hogs and Pigs Stats 2022

Livestock Commercial Production – January 2023

Honey and Bee Colonies Statistics 2017-2021

Hawaii Commercial Ag Marketing Outlets 2020

Hawaii Hogs & Pigs Statistics 2020-2021

Hawaii Commercial Ag Expansion Survey 2021 Factsheet

Hawaii Commercial Ag Expansion Shipping Cost & Low Profit Barriers 2020

Farms by Sales Class 2017


Farm Labor
Farm Labor Statistics, State of Hawaii, Second Half 2023

Farm Labor Statistics, State of Hawaii, First Half 2023

Agricultural Labor Report 2023

Farm Labor Statistics, State of Hawaii, Second Half 2022

Labor Shortage as a Barrier to Agricultural Expansion 2020

Farm Labor Statistics 2022

Farm Labor Statistics 2021

Farm Labor Statistics 2020

USDA-NASS Highlights
Farms and Land in Farms 2021-2022

Vegetable and Melon Report 2022

USDA to Survey Hawai`i Cattle Operations  – News Release

Hawaii Aquaculture 2021

Farms and Land in Farms 2020-2021

Vegetable and Melon Report 2021

Hawaii Agricultural Commercial Expansion 2021

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